Survey Findings

The survey received results from 27 respondents, all adults above 18 years. Of these, 15 were female while the rest were males. All the respondents admitted to having issues with the society and interactions. However, only a few of them (n=9) put effort to solve the issues. The rest admitted to having no desire to solve the problems of the society. Also, 67% of the respondents admitted that the knowledge of society structures is crucial to understanding the society. When asked about the issues that should be changed in society many respondents listed hospitality, cohesion, organization and cooperation as the main issues to be addressed in the community. However, there are a few who admitted that they would rather stay in a community where people mind their own business.

People at Work
People tend to behave differently while at work. The kind of activities and the people they work with however determines the behavior. When people are working alone, they tend to become reserved and unable to sustain dialogues. This is the direct opposite of people who work as a team who tend to be jovial, cooperative and hospitable.

As compared to the society organization, the behavior at work does not depend on how people are related or the structures laid down but on how they benefit one another. If the society could be taken as a workplace, where people work and interact for mutual benefits, there will be easier communications and cooperation. People who are working together develop and maintain all the good qualities that we wish to instill in the society. Due to the shared benefits, peace and harmony are maintained.
02/06/2018 06:35:50
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